Get ready to take control
of your non profit.


Denise Sherod, CEO

After just one session with me, you’ll feel more in control of your non-profit, your fundraising goals and your community projects.


Grant Writing Seminars

I connect you to a class that helps you learn how to understand and write a grant.

Locate Grants to Match Your Needs

I will take the time that you don’t have to research and connect to the available grants that will fit your needs/agendas for your program or agency. For an hourly fee. 

Create and/or Develop Creative, Successful Fundraisers

Sherod Consulting will listen closely to your great ideas for a fundraiser and help bring it to life with the help of our many connections. For an hourly fee. 

Networking and/or Partnerships

Sherod Consultant will work with you on connecting to many agencies, businesses and volunteers who will work hard alongside you to make your agency a success. 

We’ve enjoyed working with these agencies

"I take much pleasure in giving my sincere and earnest endorsement for your consideration for Ms. Denise Sherod as a member in your non-profit organization. She is industrious, loyal, trustworthy and a steadfast person who takes on difficult projects and finishes them, getting them out the door with good cheer."

The Honorable Alan P. Krasnof

Former Chesapeake Mayor/ Clerk of the Circuit Court (new position)

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