Sherod Consulting LLC

Our Vision is to share
knowledge with all individuals
and/or businesses desiring to
serve our local communities,

To share essential information,
help create partnerships,
generate fundraisers for no-profit,
agencies seeking to expand their visions.

Denise Sherod has been dealing with non-profits for . She first her career by working for the biggest non profit in the Tidewater area, The Stop Inc. She worked under the president as her receptionist for 11 years. Within those 11 years she learned the ins and outs of running a non profit. In 20- she became the president of the resident council in her community. She eventually turned it into a non-profit which she then was allowed to create programs, after school activities and more for the community for the next. She stepped down in and for the next – years she built her plan to open her own consulting agency to help others learn the ins and outs of building a non-profit.